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One Night with the Captain -- Linda Steinberg
Unforgettable Nights
(Book 6)
One Night with the Captain

One Night with a Geek -- Linda Steinberg
Unforgettable Nights
(Book 7)
One Night with a Geek

One Night with the Wrong Brother
Unforgettable Nights
(Book 8)
One Night with the Wrong Brother

One Night with a Hollywood Hero -- Linda Steinberg
Unforgettable Nights
(Book 9)
One Night with a Hollywood Hero

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Tomorrow is a Long Time Linda Steinberg

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The child of bitterly divorced parents, Kelly vowed her own marriage would be harmonious, loving, and eternal. But after seven years of butting heads with her charming but irresponsible husband, she had to accept defeat—and divorce. Now the only thing she and Kevin share is their son. But when she runs into her ex at a wedding, old memories--and old feelings, resurface. Can lightning strike twice in the same place?

Kevin Bannon fell in love with Kelly Jackson in the fifth grade. As the spoiled son of permissive parents, he found her self-discipline, organization, and determination the perfect yin to his yang. They married right out of high school and while he struggled to find his place in the world, Kelly seemed to have all the answers. And wasn’t shy about imposing them on him. In the years since their divorce, Kevin has embraced the single life of freedom and short-term relationships. But he’s never gotten over Kelly. Do they dare to try again? Or would they not only hurt each other, but destroy the relationship with their son?

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