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They’re single.
Living in L.A.
And not nearly as edgy as they’d like to think.


One Night with the Professor -- Lind Steinberg

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One Night with the Professor
Unforgettable Nights (Book 5)

He teaches her history. She schools him in love.
Nothing in Nora Pena’s life has ever come easy. If she can’t bring up her grade in‘Tremaine the Terrible’s difficult history class, she won’t win the grant she needs to finish her degree. But getting close to the intimidating but handsome professor whose passions simmer below a crusty exterior could create as many problems as it solves.

Dr. Mark Tremaine may have a PhD in history but he needs a remedial class in life. Having escaped the demands of ‘publish or perish’ at a prestigious university, he now focuses on teaching the subject he loves at a smaller college. But despite his best efforts, he can’t seem to connect with his students. That is, until he mentors a shy but sassy young woman who makes him rethink his approach to teaching and opens him up to love. 

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Waikiki Wedding -- Linda Steinberg

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Waikiki Wedding
Unforgettable Nights (Book 5)

Two weddings. Two strangers. One romance.

In Hawaii for a destination wedding, bridesmaid Amy Pratt is thrilled to finally reconnect with her long lost brother. But paradise has a few surprises for the serious young woman with a sensible life plan. One thing she hasn't counted on is a handsome, heroic, former football jock.

Between jobs, with no other plans than to visit his sister, Ray Varner becomes her last minute escort to a wedding in Hawaii. The last thing he expects is to find paradise in the eyes of a captivating woman constantly chaperoned by an overprotective big brother.

Can madcap mix-ups, wedding chaos, and a week on Waikiki beach make the impossible seem possible?

For Chris Keniston fans who’ve read Doug and Emily’s love story in Dive into You and have been waiting for Doug’s sister Amy’s story, WAIKIKI WEDDING is the answer.

For readers of Linda Steinberg’s Unforgettable Nights series, this is book #5, which follows One Night with the Best Man, and brings the gang to Hawaii for Courtney and Drew’s wedding.

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One Night with a Stranger -- Linda Steinberg

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One Night with a Stranger
Unforgettable Nights (Book 1)

On the rebound from a bad breakup with Mr. Wrong, Lisa Randall does something she’s never done before:  has a one night stand with a strangershe meets in a bar. As amazing as the night is, the last thing she expects is to hear from the guy again. But when one night turns into two, and then three, and then more, Lisa wonders whether her infatuation with Matt is keeping her from meeting Mr. Right, or whether a passionate one night stand can actually lead to true love.

Matt Owens has always considered himself the King of Jumping into Things Too Fast. He met his ex on a Tuesday, proposed on Saturday, and married her a month later.  This time around he wants to take things slow, enjoy the moment. And the attractive woman he picked up in a bar seems to fit the bill. Lisa doesn’t even want to know his last name, let alone plan a future.  But as he begins to develop feelings for her, he knows his one big secret could ruin any chance for something more.

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One Night with a Fantasy -- Linda Steinberg

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One Night with a Fantasy
Unforgettable Nights (Book 2)

Sweethearts since high school, Jessica and Josh have stayed faithful through college, law school and establishing their careers. Now, twelve years into the relationship, they’re finally engaged. Jessica feels like she should be deliriously happy. She loves Josh with all her heart. But he’s the only lover she’s ever known. As the wedding looms, she wonders what it would be like to be with someone else, even if just for one night. When a sexy Frenchman friends her on social media, Jessica is tempted to experience what she might have missed. Should she risk her solid relationship for One Night with a Fantasy?

Josh Hadley has always been sure of what he wanted:  Jessica Pena. Now that they’re finally engaged, he can’t wait to make her his wife. When Jess expresses last-minute doubts, Josh is devastated. Terrified that he might lose her, desperate to make her happy, he concocts a scheme for a virtual relationship designed to give her the illusion of what she thinks she wants. But as he gets deeper into the fantasy, Josh finds himself enmeshed in his own web of deceit, and realizes his pina colada plan could backfire and lose him the love of his life.

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One Night with an Obsession -- Linda Steinberg

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One Night with an Obsession
Unforgettable Nights (Book 3)

Neither beautiful like her sister, nor athletic or smart like her brothers, Tish Varner grew up plain and pudgy on a farm in Oklahoma. But at eighteen she inherited some money and used it to remake herself and start fresh in Los Angeles. Now shapely, and beautiful, aspiring actress Tish is a heartbreaker who can have any man she wants. But, disillusioned with shallow, charming, guys who only want to get in her pants, she’s sworn off good-looking players. So when she lands a leading role in a movie with a sexy leading man known to be a womanizer, she’s determined to resist him--until she realizes that he has stopped chasing her.

Brady is obsessed with his gorgeous co-star, but he bet his buddy that he could resist her for the duration of the film. And he’s never lost a bet. But this time… As he and Tish banter movie quotes off screen and engage in torrid love scenes onscreen, Brady realizes that this time he could lose not only his bet, but his heart.

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One Night with the Best Man -- Linda Steinberg

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One Night with the Best Man
Unforgettable Nights (Book 4)

‘No man is perfect’ has always been Courtney Clark’s dating motto. Until, at her best friend’s wedding, she spends a magical night with the best man, her secret childhood crush. After fulfilling her dreams in the handsome Navy officer’s arms, Courtney is almost convinced that he’s not only perfect, but possibly her soul mate. Except that he’s a rigid neat freak with every minute of his day planned, and she’s a free-spirited hot mess. And then there’s his crazy ex-girlfriend...

Lieutenant Commander Drew Randall can’t believe the beautiful woman he spends a passionate night with is the same gangly, red-haired, freckle-faced kid who used to hang around their house after school. Courtney Clark is a knockout. And since Drew’s about to be deployed, Courtney’s offer of a “friends with benefits” deal is the perfect arrangement. Then Courtney’s life is threatened, and Drew realizes his feelings for her go deeper than a fun romp in bed.  But how can he ask this ‘live for the moment’ woman to wait for him?

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Sins and Secrets -- inda Steinberg

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Sins & Secrets
Contemporary Women's Fiction

On her forty-sixth birthday Rita Talley’s perfectly compartmentalized world is shattered. After a traumatic divorce, she thought she’d finally achieved personal and financial independence. Her children are grown, the business she built out of desperation--a training and employment agency specializing in displaced homemakers like herself--is thriving. Even her love life is easy and uncomplicated. Until she learns she’s pregnant. Wrestling with an agonizing decision no woman should have to make, Rita finds herself dealing with emotions she thought she’d banished from her life.

After thirty years as the dutiful corporate wife, Joanna Faraday can no longer deny that her husband is involved with another woman. Finally ready to rediscover herself, she seeks the counsel of a woman who’s been there and helped others past it. The businesswoman she admires most: Rita Talley of Talley’s Temps. Entangled in secrets and lies, the two women form an unlikely friendship. But if Joanna learns that her mentor is her husband’s pregnant mistress, the betrayal will cut deeper than her husband’s cheating ever did.

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Love Unmasked -- Linda Steinberg

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Love Unmasked
Contemporary Romance

He's learned to live in the shadows.  She lures him into the light.

Ambitious attorney Christine Lawson has landed a controversial court case which can launch her career as a litigator—or kill it. A week before trial, the hardworking but reserved rookie is desperate to learn the secrets of courtroom presence. But the only one who can help her is a disfigured recluse with a chip on his shoulder the size of the Astrodome.

Yet as she looks past the scars and rudeness, she sees the brilliant mind and dry humor of the charismatic litigator who once charmed a nation with his passion for human rights. Intense and demanding, the phantom of the courtroom draws Christine into his world and challenges her to give her whole heart to the law…and to him.

Once handsome and successful, RJ Parker had his world shattered when a gang who objected to his political activism sliced his face to shreds. Now he lives life in the shadows, going out only at night and trying cases vicariously as a legal consultant.

Until he meets the beautiful Christine. For her he braves the daylight and mentors her through a momentous courtroom trial. Through her eyes he sees the better man his disfigurement has made him. He wants her to stay with him in his world of shadows, but ultimately, to be worthy of her love, he must accept the challenge she offers and learn to live in the light.

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Fast Kisses -- Linda Steinberg
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Fast Men, Slow Kisses
A Collection of Seven Romances in Support of our Military Veterans

As authors, we're delighted to pool our works together in this boxed set to say thank you to all those who serve to protect our freedom, especially the forgotten heroes and their families struggling here at home. 100% of proceeds from Fast Men, Slow Kisses will be donated to military veterans charities in the United States and Canada.

Suspicious Heart -- Linda Steinberg

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Suspicous Heart
Contemporary Romance

Maddie Walker has never trusted her enigmatic brother-in-law, Chase Harrison, believing he intimidated her once-vivacious sister into a withdrawn shadow. When her sister, Laura, dies suddenly in a car accident, Maddie suspects Chase may have contributed to her death. Guilty for not protecting Laura, Maddie is determined to keep her niece and nephew safe, and discover the truth about her sister. But the more time she spends with the grieving husband and devoted father, the more he melts her suspicions—and her heart. Can she discover Chase’s secrets without falling prey to the fire in his dark, intense eyes? And how long can she deny her own secret passion?

Chase promised his wife he’d never reveal her dark secret. After years of lying to Maddie, Chase now needs her help with his two traumatized, motherless children. But he can’t risk letting her stay and discover the truth. And he can’t trust himself to keep the passion Maddie begins to stir in him from exploding into emotions he’s afraid he can’t control.

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Only with the Heart -- Linda Steinberg

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Only with the Heart
Contemporary Romance

He knew what he wanted...until he met the woman he needed.

Brian McKay hates Tinseltown. Everything in L.A. reminds him of his actor father, who deserted Brian when he was four. But when he needs funds to construct a model of his invention, a voice activated hotel suite, he’s forced into a business partnership with his spoiled half-brother Connor. Brian’s got three weeks to complete and sell the product, then he’s outta this town, and nothing can stop him. Except the distraction of a beautiful Beverly Hills do-gooder with a smile that can melt ice, and a heart big enough to embrace the whole world.

Special education teacher and day camp volunteer Paige Anderson is looking for a way to draw out her shy, visually-impaired campers. When she visits her friend Connor’s design lab, she finds just the thing: a talking robot. Paige is even more intrigued by the robot’s creator and programmer, a surly loner with a chip on his shoulder who needs drawing out even more than her campers. But when she finally succeeds in opening Brian up, she finds a soul that attracts her as no one ever has before, and a heart that demands more than she has ever had to give.

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The French Deception -- Linda Steinberg

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The French Deception
Romantic Suspense

On her last day in Europe, American tourist Megan Chandler is in a Paris museum to meet a Facebook friend, when she stumbles in front of an early twentieth century portrait of a woman who looks exactly like her. Ten minutes later, she’s mugged in a bathroom, and robbed. With no passport, no ticket home, no money, and no cell phone, Megan can’t imagine things could get any worse. Until she discovers she’s the main suspect in a terrorist bombing.

Computer geek Paul Bernard isn’t having a good day. On his way to his job at the British Embassy, the building explodes before his eyes. The security photo of the perpetrator looks exactly like his hot French girlfriend. Who seems to have disappeared, along with his security badge. And when he finally catches up with her, she claims she’s someone else.

Did his girlfriend bomb the embassy? Or is this woman who looks like her the terrorist? And what about this portrait Megan keeps talking about? Paul isn’t sure if he’s the biggest dupe in Europe or the hero Megan seems to think he is. All he knows for certain is that he can’t let this deceptively innocent look-alike out of his sight. Or into his heart.

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