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One Night with the Captain -- Linda Steinberg
Unforgettable Nights
(Book 6)
One Night with the Captain

One Night with a Geek -- Linda Steinberg
Unforgettable Nights
(Book 7)
One Night with a Geek

One Night with the Wrong Brother
Unforgettable Nights
(Book 8)
One Night with the Wrong Brother

One Night with a Hollywood Hero -- Linda Steinberg
Unforgettable Nights
(Book 9)
One Night with a Hollywood Hero

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Author photoA CPA who writes romance novels? Well, I’m a Gemini, I like to use both halves of my brain.

I never planned to become a writer. I had my first poems printed at the ripe age of seven—in a mimeographed-and-stapled literary anthology of my second grade class. But my poetry career was sidelined as, in the years following, there was no time for writing anything except papers and essays compelled by teachers and professors. And then there were the day jobs: teacher, employment counselor, payroll accountant. And my most important job: mother to two bright, wonderful daughters. Suffice it to say, I didn’t write another creative word for over thirty years.

My late husband worked for an oil company with subsidiaries all over the world. So I’ve traveled to places many people would never even consider going, and lived in countries as diverse as Israel, the Netherlands, and Nigeria.

It was in Nigeria that I started writing my first novel. In longhand, on school tablets, the only available writing paper. But as most writers will tell you, when inspiration strikes, when suddenly characters and their problems fill your head, you have no choice; you must write it down. When I eventually typed my manuscript into a computer, it weighed in at 600 pages, single-spaced. That book has since found its rightful place as a doorstop.

But the writing bug had bitten. I wrote a sequel, September Spring, based on the same characters. And I’ve been writing ever since.

When not traveling, I’ve lived most of my life in Texas. I wasn’t born here, but I got here as fast as I could. Where else can you find beaches, plains, mountains, big skies, and a border with another country all in the same state? So what if it takes ten hours to drive across it? Driving fifty-five is for wimps.

Now retired, I live outside of Dallas with my second time around sweetheart (a story I intend to write someday) When not writing, I love reading, traveling (yes, I still love it) playing with my grandbaby, and spending time with family and friends.

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