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One Night with the Captain -- Linda Steinberg
Just Like a Woman

Tangled Up In Blue
Rainy Day Woman

One Night with the Wrong Brother
One Night with a Stranger

One Night with a Hollywood Hero -- Linda Steinberg
The Frech Deception
Romantic Suspense

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Broken Resolution Linda Steinberg

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Broken Resolutions

How to meet a guy in New York City: First, pepper spray him. Next, get stuck with him in a stalled subway car…

NOT how Jan had planned on spending New Year’s Eve. But when both her roommates bail on their “No Hook-ups” resolution for the night, she just wants to go home. Until a sexy firefighter and real life hero steps in at the wrong time, and turns her evening into the right time for a New Resolution.

Steve is Brooklyn born and raised, but when a tiny Texan gal with a mean can of pepper spray comes into his life, what else can he do but kiss her at midnight and take her to breakfast?

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